Life Groups

Grow With a Life Group

Life Groups are the small "families" that make up our extended church family. Members of a Life Group study, pray, serve, help each other, and have fun together. Bottom line, members "do life" together. Being in a Life Group is a great way to help build our church community and grow closer to God at the same time. You can find out more about our Life Groups by calling the church office or sending us an email. You can also contact our Life Group hosts directly by email

Find a group to fit your needs...

Sunday Groups

        Hosts: Derek & Crystal Stenner email
        Time:  4 pm, in their home

Monday Groups 

      Hosts: Aaron & Katherine Burke email
        Time:  6 pm, in their home

Wednesday Groups

        Hosts:  Curtis & Catherine James   email  
        Time:    7 pm, in their home

Thursday Groups

       Hosts:  Jim & Glenda Buckley  email     
       Time:   7:15 pm, in their home  

       Hosts:  Jack & Donna Lucas  email 
       Time:   7 pm, in their home   

       Hosts:  Joe & Linda Kirk  email
       Time:   7 pm, in various members' homes  

       Hosts:  Ken & Brenda LaMont  email 
       Time:   7 pm, in their home 

       Hosts:  Barry & Cindy Kirschenmann  email                         
       Time:   7 pm, in their home

 Life Group Leader Resources

     Leader Handbook


     Approved Curriculum

     Covenant - Sample

     Member Contact Sheet

     Ministry Team Contact Sheet