Adolescence is a time of rapid change, and can be difficult and confusing.  The teens who walk through our doors come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have a healthy family and a strong foundation; others carry the pain of a broken home, addiction or other serious problems.

Through IMPACT, we shine the love of Jesus Christ out to all teens in our community.  This is our passion! We want every young person to have the best life possible. We want them to invite Jesus to be their best friend and teacher. We want them to help build God’s Kingdom here on earth. 

At IMPACT, teens can feel safe, develop lasting friendships, and have fun.  Best of all, they can find the love, forgiveness and freedom that comes from having a relationship with Jesus. At Impact, teens learn to share the love of Jesus by teaching and serving others.

IMPACT offers a wide variety of exciting activities at and away from church.  These include parties, mission trips, barbecues, Bible study, camping trips, service projects, sports, discussions, hiking, road trips, and many others.


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