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Welcome to our Bible Buddies page. We are super excited to be doing this special program to help your kids fall in love with their Bibles while growing in their faith each week. We only get your kids a few hours a week. So, we hope the Bible Buddies program helps out during rest of the week while at home!


  • Why Bible Buddies? We are all called to be in God's Word daily. We hope these Bible Buddy tools encourage your family to take time throughout the week to get to know Him better through reading your Bibles, memorizing Scripture & discussing the stories together! Turn on some worship music & make beautiful memories that can be passed on through generations!
  • What is included in the Bible Buddies program? Your child receives a Bible Buddy stuffed animal, a Bible Buddies Journal, and a Buddy Bible Bag to keep all of these items together, along with their Bible. 
  • What does my child bring each week to Kids Church? Please send your child to Kids Church with their Buddy Bible Bag with Journal and Bible inside. If they want to bring their buddy in their bag, too, that is fine as long as the buddy stays inside the bag during service (unless teacher says otherwise). We do not want anyone's buddy to get misplaced, soiled or become a distraction to the class.
  • Does my child need a certain type of Bible to participate each week? Any Bible will do. However, in Kids Church we use an NIRV Bible for our elementary kids and God's Story for Me Bible for our preschool/kinder class.  Please let us know if you would like us to provide a Bible for your child. We can have it ready for them on Sunday.
  • For Pre/K...Are all of the stories in their children's Bible? All of the stories (except 2) are in the Pre/K Bible we use in Kids Church. On those 2 weeks that do not have the story in them, we will have a supplemental handout of that week's story for them to take home (or you may print yourself: 5/5 & 6/30)
  • Is there a reward or incentive for kids to complete their journals at home during the week? YES!! We will be giving kids ticket entries every week they show us they've completed their work. Multiple winners will be drawn EVERY Sunday!! We really want to encourage your kids to be in God's Word throughout the week!
  • If you have more questions: Contact Crystal

Additional Links

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES  for your kids to use with their buddies...


Bible App for Kids from YouVersion (stories) 

Superbook Kids Bible App (videos & games) 

SPIRITUAL HABITS APP The creators of GROW curriculum have developed an app that helps kids (& parents!) track their spiritual habits! Whether it's prayer, worship, going to church, reading the Bible, or loving people with their actions, this app will help kids set goals and then track their progress. The creators say, "We built this app with really strategic (and safe) ways for kids to share their spiritual habits with people they trust so they can encourage and celebrate each other when they make progress on their spiritual habits– and in their spiritual growth."

Download the app for Apple

Download the app for Android 


Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

How Great is our God: 100 More Devotions About God and Science

Action Bible Anytime Devotions

Adventure Bible Book of Devotions, 365 days of adventure 

52 Sport Stories of Faith

For preteen girls: Journal Devo | 52-Week Devos | 5-Min Devos | Gratitude Devos | Doodle Devos

For preteen boys: Strong in Spirit | 3-Min Devos |  | 90-Days Strong | 1-Year Devos for Active Boys 52 Sport Stories of Faith


(from YouVersion Bible app)

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Ordinary People Extraordinary God

Faith Builders (for ages 4-11)

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