We believe part of living "life to the full" as Jesus taught us can only be done in community. Now, more than ever, our isolation is robbing us of an essential ingredient to our holistic spiritual health. Thankfully, even through this season, we're finding ways to keep connected and grow relationships. If you're interested in joining a Life Group, either virtually and/or in-person, complete the form below and our coordinator will contact you soon. 


LifeGroups at NPFCC are made up of small groups of people (generally 6-14) that meet regularly at a time and place of their choosing. These groups aim to build community with each other, study the Bible, pray, and develop a rhythm of sharing life's blessings, hurts, trials, and victories with each other. Every LifeGroup is a little different in it's make-up and format but every group seeks to deepen their relationship with Jesus and each other as they do life together. LifeGroup leaders lovingly guide and organize their groups' activities, acting primarily as facilitators to keep the group purposeful and life-giving. In general, LifeGroups meet once weekly for 1-3 hours but may meet more or less than this depending on the makeup. If you simply want to learn more about the different groups we have or more about LifeGroups in general, fill out the form below.