NPFCC is proud to offer a complete array of ministries to plug into for every age and stage of your faith journey. Select which area you'd like to learn more about for you and your family


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Each ministry at NPFCC is led by a "triangle"a volunteer Ministry Coordinator, an Elder and a Staff member. This model ensures that all the activities and events at the church have holistic support and are all following the same mission and vision. Below are the current triangles and preferred contacts for each ministry.

CHILDREN | Anna Milbourn (MC) | Crystal Stenner (Pastor) | Tim Sherreitt (Elder)

STUDENTS | Ryan Dowding (MC) | David Ramirez (Pastor) | George Wu (Elder)

MEN | Dale Saiger (MC) | Ken LaMont (Pastor) | Tim Sherreitt (Elder)

WOMEN | Kellie Ayon (MC) | Crystal Stenner (Pastor) | Tim Sherreitt (Elder)

WORSHIP | SarahBeth Sherreitt (MC) | Devan Bumstead (Pastor) | John Grubaugh (Elder)

LIFE GROUPS | Charlie Sizemore (MC) | Ken LaMont & Juan Palomino (Pastors) | John Grubaugh (Elder)

GUEST SERVICES | Scott & Patty Moses (MC's) | Juan Palomino (Pastor) | Barry Kirschenmann (Elder)

PROPERTY | John Hotly (MC) | Ken LaMont & Juan Palomino (Pastors) | Steve Williams (Elder)

MISSIONS | Carol Arthington (MC) | Ken LaMont (Pastor) | Barry Kirschenmann (Elder)

CR | TBD (MC) |  Juan Palomino (Pastor) | Barry Kirshenmann (Elder)

CARE | Renee James (MC) | Juan Palomino (Pastor) | Tim Talley (Elder)

PRAYER | Mary LoBianco (MC) | Ken LaMont (Pastor) | Curtis James (Elder)

FINANCE | Sarah Watt (MC) | Ken LaMont & Juan Palomino (Pastors) | Evan Masyr (Elder)

SPANISH | Carlos Diaz (MC) | Juan Palomino (Pastor) | Tim Talley (Elder)

RECREATIONTBD (MC) | Devan Bumstead (Pastor) | Evan Masyr (Elder)

LSPS | Clarissa Schuyler (MC/Pastor) | Steve Williams (Elder )

SENIORS | Jim Meek (MC) | Ken LaMont (Pastor) | Curtis James (Elder)

PERSONNEL | Barry Kirchenmann (MC) | Ken LaMont (Pastor) | Curtis James (Elder)


NPFCC would not and could not be the church it was created to be without a host of faithful servant-hearted volunteers. They're the lifeblood of the church and we are constantly blessed by them. If you're gaining interest in joining one of our incredible volunteer teams, click the link above to complete an interest form and connect with a team leader.