Hey everyone, Pastor Ken here!

I have heard several times that this week may be our toughest week--the death toll will most likely spike and our medical heroes are getting exhausted. So folks, we need to go to our source of power on behalf of our nation and the world and double down in prayer! I want to ask you to join me in praying every day at noon for our doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and other EMS service providers. And let’s pray for all those who have contracted this dreaded virus that God would heal! That we might see God’s grace in a tangible way by having a lower than anticipated death toll!


As I think about it… This week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter was also Jesus' toughest week!   His disciples had trouble staying awake to pray with Him, upon His arrest, most of His closest followers abandoned Him, He would experience false accusations, be beaten within an inch of His life, and finally He would die being nailed to a Roman cross! And He did this on our behalf… He died so that we could have the hope of eternal life! And we want to get that message of hope out to the world.


I believe that this week is also a time of great opportunity for the gospel. There are times when people are more likely to be open to the message of the gospel, and with what is happening in the world around us, people are more open than ever.


Many of you will remember these balls that we wrote names on at the beginning of the year… we wrote the names of people we wanted to share Jesus with, and one of our goals was that we would invite them to Easter services! Well, we can still do just that. If you wrote someone’s name on one of these (or even if you did not--think of family, friends and neighbors), make sure this week you send them a text message, email, or facebook message with the link to our church website and Easter Live Stream Service! 


I am truly excited about how God is going to use this situation to broaden the reach of our services. Our Easter message will be all about how our response to the Resurrection brings Hope to every situation! So be sure you invite!!!


Also remember to make your HE IS RISEN, Sign, banner, artwork… click on this link to go to our Easter page for more instructions and be sure to send us a picture of your family with your masterpiece no later than this Thursday!! We are going to do something special with those in our service….


Now, Some of you have noticed something… or someone missing the last couple weeks, and several have asked… where is pastor Devan, is he ok?? Is he sick?? Did his children tie him up and stick him in a closet??  Which may be the most likely Scenario….

And the answer is…

He is well!  And He’s right here….


[Devan] Hey guys! Thanks for all the prayers and for your concern!

Long story short, I wasn’t feeling good, we thought it would be best if I distanced myself, so I wasn’t with our team on stage these last couple weeks, but I was behind the scenes running our broadcast—which is frankly incredible by the way—we are so blessed!


We wanted to let you know that we have a very special Good Friday experience planned for all of us, so be sure you log on to that this Friday at 8pm.  We wanted it to be a little later to give parents with young children time to put their kids down first. Because of the nature of the crucifixion, it’s more of an adult theme.

You can log on to the Online Living Room and/or YouTube just as usual. If you need help with this just remember to go to npfcc.org/live where you’ll find detailed instructions. You will want to have communion ready for this special service as well.


Another special tradition at NPFCC is our Sunrise service that is lead by our STUDENT MINISTRY.  So log-on Easter SUNDAY at 6:30am to start day listening to some of our young people sharing the Easter Story and preparing our hearts to Celebrate our Risen King!!


Then Gather your family and join us at 10am As we Celebrate the greatest Event in all of History,  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  While we can’t be in the same room, we can still connect as we log-in together for this amazing time of worship! This is going to be a special time where we hope you will Encounter God in a powerful way with us and with your family. Pastor Ken is going to share with us a powerful resurrection message about how events alone aren’t the end of the story! The resurrection reminds us that a better outcome is always possible!


Lastly, we want to thank you for your continued faithfulness in giving.  Remember that you can give anytime online by simply clicking this link here.


So we hope you’ll Join us as we ENCOUNTER EASTER TOGETHER!!!