We're happy to share your ministry event to our church body. Please complete the form below to submit an event request. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about our church communication policy.


Will our event be verbally announced on Sunday mornings?

  • As a standard policy, we only verbally announce events that apply to the majority of attendees on Sunday mornings. Ministry specific events that are more limited in scope (such as a men's or women's event or gender specific Bible study) will typically not be verbally announced. However, there are exceptions to this rule and we do announce certain events intentionally from time to time depending on the church calendar or other special considerations on Sundays. The next priority will be to announce children's and student events since parents in the room need to know those details.

If our event isn't verbally announced, how will people know about it?

  • Since nothing beats a personal invite, we encourage you to recruit some volunteer support and place someone on the patio before and after each service to promote your event. In addition to your charismatic-patio-promoter, we will promote your event in several different ways. See the image above for the formats every event receives. Your event graphic will be published on our lobby TV loop, announcement loop on the main screens in the Auditorium before and after each service, restroom signs, digital bulletin inserts (at times), emails, website event page, website gallery image (main image slider on either the home page or your ministry page), and a square Instagram image to share with your followers. 
  • Case Study: The 2018 Women's Christmas Party was not once announced from the stage on Sunday mornings and yet filled up quickly! Focus on creating dynamic and irresistible events like these, paired with personal invites, and you'll be guaranteed to have a successful event!

Can you make us a banner, flyer, sign-up sheet, or brochure?

  • We feel like the above mentioned formats are all you'll need to promote a successful event. The time and money it takes to create these additional formats are currently outside of our bandwidth.  We encourage you to promote online forms for signups and registrations but if you must have a physical sign up sheet, feel free to make one and print it out yourself. When possible, please use the graphics for your sign up sheets that we'll provide you.

Can we put flyers on the chairs in the auditorium or elsewhere on campus? 

  • We only put professionally printed flyers on the chairs in the auditorium for special "all church" events and holidays. We don't want church attenders to feel like they're advertising targets every week they attend. We kindly ask you to avoid placing your own flyers on the chairs or anywhere else on campus.

When can I expect my event to be promoted?

  • Our communications team needs at least 2 weeks to create your graphic and we feel that to best promote your event you'll want to start advertising a minimum of 4 weeks before your event. This means it's ideal if you can complete the event request 6 weeks before your event start date. Longer lead times are even better! Thanks for thinking ahead!

Can I help design our graphic?

  • As a general rule, we ask that you trust us to put something together that fits both your event and our church branding. We aim to provide a congruency and quality in our graphics that makes every event feel like it's connected to the church's overall mission. However, if you've seen a graphic elsewhere that has inspired you and that fits your vision for the event, feel free to pass it along. If you're a skilled graphic designer, contact us for information on how to apply to be a volunteer on our communication team!