Part of the DNA of our church is its love for service in other parts of the world. Scroll down to learn more about what missions we support regularly. To help give financial assistance to these missions, click the Give tab on the navigation bar. To visit the websites of each mission, click on their picture.

  • NIÑOS DE BAJA | El Porvenir, Mexico

    Niños de Baja is located in Ejido El Porvenir, a tiny farm town 50 miles south of the California/U.S. border. Their mission is "to share the love of Christ by serving children in Baja, California, Mexico." At Niños, people from the U.S. and Mexico work together to help change children's lives.  

    Niños provides a home for children who have been abused or abandoned by their families. Most are very young, and are scared and withdrawn when they arrive. Here, they find safety, love and healing. And they learn about God's love for them. Some of these children will eventually be adopted. Others will make Niños their permanent home. 

    Niños also offers Christian outreach to children and families in El Porvenir, and (through volunteers from the U.S.) has built school buildings, installed playground equipment, and repaired homes in the town. During the summer, Niños offers VBS programs, sports activities, and other events in El Porvenir. At Christmas, they sponsor a celebration that includes the distribution of hundreds of shoebox gifts and Spanish-language Bibles to the children of El Porvenir and beyond.

    Niños offers an internship program for college students, and a short-term mission program for chuches, groups and individuals. Our church sends a mission team to Niños each year at spring break, and has helped build many of the facilities there. We visit again in early December to deliver our shoeboxes and help with the shoebox event. Small groups from our church also visit throughout the year to help at Niños.

    Darryl Lloyd, a member of our church, is the volunteer U.S. Director for Niños. He is the "face" of Niños here in the U.S. If you want to know more about this ministry, he is the man to see. Mike and Lynne Yeaman are the Mexico Directors and Hector and Alma Rosa Najeras are the Mexican Operators. 

    There are many ways you can help Niños, both here in the U.S. and in Mexico. You can sponsor a child, join us on a mission trip, become a member of the volunteer U.S. team, and more. To find out about these opportunities, contact Darryl.

  • IBERO-AMERICAN MINISTRIES | South America & Middle East

    Their purpose is "to establish indigenous churches, which leads to movements among people-groups, by mobilizing, equipping, and deploying servant leaders to fulfill the Great Commission in partnership with others who share the same passion." We support Kathy and Jeff Phillips and their ministry in Chile, Gabe and Mildred Philips and their ministry in Peru, and Pastor Marcelo Puentes Castillo and his church in Samborondon, Ecuador.


    TCMII, better known to our church as Haus Edelweiss, is the only accredited university in the U.S. that has no campus here. TCMII trains pastors from eastern Europe and central Asia and provides short-term international mission experience for people from the United States.

    TCMII students do most of their assigned studies in their home country, and come to Haus Edelweiss for scheduled two-week periods during the year. Many of them live in poor conditions in countries where being a Christian is dangerous. When they visit TCMII, they have a bit of a respite from lives that are hard. Teams of short-term Christian volunteers from the U.S. cook and clean for them so that they can devote themselves to study. During breaks and meals, the volunteers have an opportunity to get to know each other. The volunteers and students eat meals together, and somehow, the multitude of languages is not a barrier. 

    Over the years, we have worked closely with TCM, the U.S. partner of TCMII, as
    well as helping at Haus Edelweiss. We provided the money to build the library at Haus Edelweiss, and we send teams of short-term volunteer workers to help during teaching sessions. One of our pastors, Jim Buckley, is an adjunct professor at TCMII. Needless to say, we feel strongly about the work that is being done there.

  • HOPE FOR CAMBODIA | Cambodia

    Christopher LaPel, a Cambodian-born Los Angeles pastor, founded Hope For Cambodia. Hope trains pastors, plants churches, and seeks to bring the hope of Christ to Cambodia. A country ravaged by war and poverty, Cambodia is a Buddhist country. The goal of this mission is to plant a Christian church in every town in Cambodia. Hope has planted more than 150 churches since 1992, with a combined weekly attendance of more than 7,500 people.

    Hope's Leadership Training Institute trains over 300 church workers twice a year where they receive intensive training and fellowship. 

    The Hope Bible Institute was founded in 2006, and trains Cambodian men and women to become pastors. The institute has the capacity to train 55 men and women at a time for a three-year period. Many graduates become church planters.  

    Hope For Cambodia was given the rights to translate and publish the NIV Children’s Bible. Poe and Molly Ouklore completed the translation and lead a children’s ministry in the villages of Cambodia.

  • GREG & VICKI SYVERSON | Pachuca, Mexico

    Greg and Vicky's ministry reaches out to the urban poor through a community center and La Iglesia Nueva Vida (New Life Christian Church.) They are part of Christian Ministry Fellowship International (CMF), which has missions throughout the world. CMF's purpose is to be a "fellowship of missionaries, nationals and churches participating in life-changing work around the globe."

  • WHITE FIELDS | Haiti

    White Fields Overseas Evangelism works throughout the world to bring the Gospel to many poverty-stricken areas including Haiti, India, Liberia, and Eastern Europe. Currently, they have 310 native evangelists in 33 countries. Our mission in Haiti is a church plant we support in the town of St. Marc.

  • THE ANNA ENOCH ORPHANAGE | Liberia, Africa

    At the Anna Enoch Orphanage, Steven and Anna Enoch provide a home for 80 children. Most of them were orphaned by Liberia's long, brutal civil war. The facilities are simple, and the children have very little by our standards. But, unlike most Liberian orphans, they have a place to live, food to eat, a school, and people to care for them and teach them about God.

    In addition to the orphanage, Steven (a pastor) and Anna have built a church and an elementary school on the mission property for the entire community. Currently, they are building a high school.  

    We support Anna Enoch through donations. One of our members, Carol Arthington, traveled to the orphanage several years ago. She took educational supplies to the school, and she worked with the teachers there. Carol fell in love with this mission, and continues to help them in every way she can. The mission has even named one of its little buildings after her.


    American Rehabilitation Ministries (ARM) has several missions throughout the world. We support the ARM Prison Outreach, which provides baptistries to U. S. prisons, and Bibles and Bible correspondence courses to inmates. The purpose of this mission is to be an ARM of the church to help fulfill the biblical mandate of Jesus, "I was in prison and you came to visit me." (Matthew 25:36)