Round Up Sunday is a beloved tradition at NPFCC where the whole church gathers together for one service at 10am and then journeys down to the beach for an evening service as the sun dips into the ocean. This year will look largely the same despite physical distancing requirements.

If this is your first time with us for Round Up Sunday, the journey to the beach is done a few different ways. Our church backs up to a hiking trail that connects directly to Sycamore Cove Beach and is a Beginner-Intermediate hike that's mostly downhill. We will have 3 groups of people that will travel together which have guides and supplies ready for everyone. If you'd like to drive down to the beach instead, you are more than welcome to do that as well! Meet us at Sycamore Cove Beach. Make sure you bring a few extra dollars for parking.


  • 10AM | Worship Service at NPFCC (Patio or Online)
  • 1PM | Hikers Leave
  • 2PM | Runners Leave
  • 3PM | Bikers Leave
  • 5PM | Worship & Baptisms at Sycamore Cove
  • 7PM | Leave for the Church


Will there be a BBQ after church?

  • Although traditionally we do offer an amazing BBQ lunch after service, this year, due to distancing requirements, we will be skipping the BBQ.

Will there be food down at the beach?

  • We will have smaller pre-packaged snacks to go around at the beach, but we ask that you pack your own dinner to eat.

How do I get my food down there if I hike, run, or bike down to the beach?

  • We will have a truck loaded with coolers ready to transport your food and other items down to the beach! Bring your items with you when you meet to leave with your group and we'll make sure they get down there.

How do I get back if I hike, run, or bike?

  • We will have vehicles that will take you back to the church and a trailer to put all the bikes!

How long and how hard is this hike?

  • The Big Sycamore Canyon Trail is approximately 8 miles to the beach from the church. It is mostly all downhill. Though it's longer than most hikes, it's classified as a kid-friendly family trail since it is wide, downhill, well marked, and provides shade for a good portion of the hike. See the trail details here.
  • We will have experienced trail guides for each group. There will be people who bring extra supplies and first aid in case of injury.

Baptisms at the beach?? I'm interested!

  • If you'd like to get baptized at the beach, we'd be honored to celebrate that step in your faith with you this year at the beach. Reach out to Ken LaMont and he'll guide you through the process.