Below you'll find descriptions and videos to help you know how to set up the Auditorium and the Broadcast Room to operate a weekend service. 

During Devan's Sabbatical, contact Veronica Browning if any issues pop up. (805) 390-1539

In case of a power outage, please follow the document below for details on how to get all systems back online.



First Steps

How to open the building, turn on lights, projectors, sound board, etc. Also, be sure to turn on all the AC units!

Setting Up The Sound Board for Sunday

This is how to load a new scene, assign mics to different channels, and other channel routing info to get the sound board ready for rehearsal and Sunday

How to Record Audio on the iMac in the Auditorium

Mix With An iPad

How to set up an iPad for live mixing

iPads (Music Stand & Monitor Mixing)

This video is for band members to learn how to set up their iPad each week to view chord charts and control their monitor mix.

Building A Setlist in MultiTracks

Each week, the setlist needs to be created in MultiTracks to allow it to easily sync to the iPad to use with Playback.

How To Use MultiTracks' Playback App & Foot Controller

How to load a setlist, basic Playback functions, and program the midi controller


No Bass Player?

Here's how to route the bass guitar tracks to the Bass DI channel on the sound baord.


Online Living Room

This first video shows how to edit details of a livestream service on the Church Online platform. You'll learn how to add sermon notes, add moments, add hosts, etc. The second video is more updated and shows how to create a service from scratch and an updated method of acquiring the livestream embed code.

Change Title and Description of Upcoming Streams

Every week, we update the Title and Description of our upcoming livestreams to reflect the new message titles or upcoming special events.

Restoring Facebook Access to Resi

Every 3 Months, Resi needs permission from Facebook to continue streaming. Here's how to give Resi Facebook access


ProPresenter Screens Swapped

What to do if the main screen is showing the stage display and vice versa

No Sound out of Sound Board or Channels Scrambled??

This is how to fix an issue where the channels on the livestream and recording computer seem scrambled (EG1 is coming through the Vocal channel, for example) or if there's no audio coming through the main speakers in the house at all.


Setting Up iMac for Broadcast

Here's how to set up a new Logic project for the broadcast audio to work. This video shows how to set it up when the main FOH board is handling the mix or if there's a dedicated Broadcast Engineer in the room.

Managing Plugins on iMac

This is how to transfer Waves and iLok plugin licenses between two computers. If the iMac is saying that it's missing plugins, this is likely the issue



Watch this video to learn how to do a few various things on our website such as, adding/removing a homepage slider image, adding a webpage, basic editing, adding a video, etc.

Affinity Designer

Learn how to do basic graphic editing and exporting with Affinity Designer