Below you'll find descriptions and videos to help you know how to set up the Auditorium and the Broadcast Suite to operate a weekend service. Call for help! (805) 807-4191

In case of a power outage, please follow this video and the document below for details on how to get all systems back online.




  • Open and unlock front double doors.
  • Turn on bathroom lights.
  • Crack open side door for band to enter.
  • Turn on AC's (rear thermostats to 70, side stage thermostats to 68). Make sure they're set to "Fan on" and "Cool"


  • On the main lighting computer, make sure you're on the correct cuelist (Aug 23) and make sure all other light cues are cleared by clicking on the "Release" button in the upper bar. 
  • Then navigate to the Aug 23 cuelist and press the Play button on the light controller.
  • After you see the stage lights come on,  turn the touch controller next to the Sound Board OFF and LOCK it by pressing the lock button on the upper corner of the screen. This will make sure no one can press the light buttons on the inside wall of the Auditorium. 
  • On the lighting computer, to navigate to the main operating window, click on the >>>>>>> button. From there, to fire the different cues, simply hit the play button next to each one.

Media (Screens & TVs)

  • Turn on (or wake up) computer. Password is Godisgood
  • Quit ProPresenter and re-open (this helps get the bugs me). Quick command is "Command + Q"
  • Turn on rear and front projectors
  • Turn on Patio TV's
  • Place free standing TV on information center. Connect the red Decimator box to the TV. There's a coax cable laying behind the Information Center. Plug that into the "Input" of the red box. Then plug the HDMI cable from the TV into the "HDMI Out" on the red box.


  • Press the large green button that says ON in the rack in the FOH booth.
  • After the soundboard fully turns on, login to Admin using the password "801".
  • Navigate to the proper scene and press the large green "GO" button on the DLive to recall that scene.
  • To power off the system, press "Home" on the far left of the soundboard then, on the right screen, hit the red OFF button and confirm. Then press the large red OFF button in the FOH rack.

Patio Speakers

  • Set up speakers
  • Place speaker stands behind large potted plants.
  • Place subs beside speakers.
  • Plug in 50' XLR cables near front left double doors.
  • Plug the other end of those cables into the subs first (channel A).
  • Connect a shorter XLR cable from the sub (the output right below the input on channel A) to the speaker on the stand.
  • Plug the input into channel A on the speaker as well.
  • The sub should be set to "normal" and be around 3 ticks above center.
  • The speakers' volume should be set to around 3 ticks above center as well.
  • Make sure speakers are ON!
  • Make sure the volume controls (found at FOH) for the other installed patio speakers are set to OFF.

iPads, Mics, & Monitors

  • The iPads for the Worship Team should be placed in the charging dock in order (1-9). 
  • The iPads are labeled on the back indicating which Aux they're assigned to. 
  • To set up an iPad, follow these steps:
  1. Enter the SETTINGS app and change the Wifi to NPFCC Guest
  2. Open the Music Stand App and navigate to the appropriate service to load all the charts. If Music Stand asks you to login, quit the app and reopen it (double tap the home button and swipe up on the app). When you reopen the app, it should not make you log back in. If it still requires a login, use the following credentials: | songs4npfcc
  3. Once the songs are loaded to the iPad, they will remain there locally,  even if you lose internet connection.
  4. Go back to the SETTINGS app and change the WiFi to DLIVE5G1 or DLIVE5G2 (whichever one pops up). You may have to wait a little while for that to show up.
  5. Open the OneMix app.
  6. Select "dlive MixRack"
  7. Select Admin (password is 801) or iPads (no password required but you cannot rearrange the channels)
  8. You can now switch between the Music Stand app and the OneMix app by double pressing the home button and selecting the app. 


ProPresenter 7 is a beast with a lot of bugs. Watch this video to learn how to make sure everything operates smoothly. 

  • If the text on the livestream isn't showing up correctly, right click a slide and select "Edit Action" and select the appropriate action. In the case of lyrics, select "Text Lower Thirds".
  • If a chord chart is not showing up, right click on the START slide and select "Edit Action" and select "Songs" from the first drop down menu and lastly select "Stage + Audience" for the Destination.
  • RECORD THE SERVICE! Please hit the circle on the Blackmagic HyperDeck right below the computer screen at the beginning of the service to start recording. Then hit the stop button right after the service is over.


To turn the speakers on, flip the power switch on the rack unit on the main desk to the right. The remotes to both TVs are on the side table. Turn both TVs on after you've turned the power switch on.

Broadcast Template

  • Password for the iMac is "Godisgood"
  • Open a Finder window. Navigate to the "Logic" folder (found in the left bar) and open the folder to the correct date. Then open the Logic file within that folder.
  • Follow these steps to ready the Logic template for broadcasting:
  1. Record Enable all necessary tracks by pressing the "R" on each track. Only record the tracks that are needed.
  2. Input Enable all necessary tracks by pressing the "I" on each track. Only enable the tracks that are needed.
  3. Make sure the "SmpleDly" plugin is ON for every track. The easy way to do this is click one of them on, holding the mouse button down, and dragging across all tracks (see video).
  4. Make sure that "Kick Replace" and "Snare Replace" are Record and Input Enabled. Do NOT Record Enable "Kick Out" or "Snare Top"
  5. Open Auto-Key by navigating to that channel and clicking the center of the plugin icon. Make sure, when running the service live, to select the appropriate key for each song and then press "Send to Auto-Tune". NOTE: We ONLY sing in MAJOR keys. NEVER select a MINOR key from the drop-down list.
  6. Make sure to RECORD the service right before it starts. Hit the red circle record button on the top bar.
  7. Once the service is over, please STOP the recording but let the post-service music continue to play.
  8. You do not need to shut down the computer. Save the file and leave the computer on.
  9. Turn the rack power switch OFF before leaving for the day. 

To connect the hardware mixer, plug in the power connector and the USB cable, then power the unit ON with the button on the back. If the controller loses connection, try turning it off and on again. If it still doesn't connect and you're not in the middle of a service, close Logic and reopen the project.



The following info is slightly outdated as of September 17, 2020 (though it still may be helpful to know). For more current videos, see the 3 below.

  • Unplug each camera from chargers and connect D-tap power connectors to power camera and wireless unit
  • Take a battery from the Sony charger and insert it in the back of the field monitor.
  • Turn the camera and the wireless transmitter on.
  • Turn the field monitor on.
  • The cameras have presets to help ensure the settings stay consistent. Press the menu button ≡ then navigate to "PRESETS" and select "Broadcast Indoors 1" and click the check mark ✓
  • Make sure the lens cap is off.
  • Make sure image stabilization is ON and focus is set to Manual on the lenses. Choose the "1" setting on the Canon and Sigma lenses.
  • Check the battery often! Press and hold the button on the side of the battery to check its level. Turn the camera off when not in use to save battery. Recharge immediately after rehearsal. To recharge, unplug the DTap cable on the right side (green plug) and plug in the power charger located on the camera riser by the double doors of the auditorium. 

Intercom System

The intercom system we use relies on user's smart phones. If they've not already done so, have each user download "Unity Intercom" on their phones.

  • If a user is not in the system, follow the steps in the video to add them.
  • Make sure every phone is connected to the NPFCCCOMMS WiFi network. The password is "Godisgood."
  • Once the phone is connected to the network, login with your User Name and put "Godisgood" as the password. 

Video Switcher

  • The password for the Mac Mini is "Godisgood"
  • Open ATEM Software Control.
  • If you need to rearrange the MultiView or change the labels, follow the instructions on the video.
  • Buttons 1-9 on the keyboard will put the coordinating camera into "Preview". Hitting space bar cuts and hitting Enter fades to the previewed camera. 

SD Cards and External Hard Drives



Watch this video to learn how to do a few various things on our website such as, adding/removing a homepage slider image, adding a webpage, basic editing, adding a video, etc.

Online Living Room

Watch this video to learn how to edit details of a livestream service on the Church Online platform. You'll learn how to add sermon notes, add moments, add hosts, etc.