Our mission at NPFCC is to help people find and follow Jesus by providing pathways to Encounter God, Experience Community and Extend Compassion to the world around them. Each ministry is charged with fulfilling this mission with their events, programs and gatherings. Ministry events are to be planned with their Ministry "Triangle" (composed of a Ministry Coordinator, a Staff member and an Elder) to determine how their event will best serve this mission. If the Triangle decides an event is on mission and has the resources to carry it out, they then should follow a 2-step process:

1. Clear the event through the church calendar

2. Submit an Event Request form

The Staff leader of that ministry will submit a Calendar Request which will be presented to the rest of the Staff to examine schedule conflicts or other resource issues. Once the event is cleared by Staff, the M.C., Elder, or Staff member may submit the Event Request form.



(Complete after Staff has cleared calendar)