NURSERY (0-36 Months)

Beyond simply "babysitting," we believe that a baby is never too young to learn the Word of God. While you're participating in the adult service, your child is experiencing their own service at an appropriate level.


Our preschoolers are dropped off in the gym of our Family Life Center to join our elementary age group for Opening Assembly. Next, their teachers take them down the hall to our preschool rooms. First stop puppet show/Bible story room, then to activities in the next room. These rooms have been specially designed to be fun and engaging to make every child feel comfortable learning about God and how to grow up in His kingdom. These young children experience praise and worship and learn about God's truths through visual stories and hands-on activities.


Our elementary age kids meet in the gym of the Family Life Center for our "kid's church" opening assembly, followed by small and large group activity times. It includes worship, games, object lessons, skits, and more. For Bible time, the kids break up into grade-level groups for age-appropriate studies & to work on special service projects throughout the year.


NURSERY (0-36 Months)

  • You may check in your baby along with your older kids at the same time in the downstairs lobby of the Family Life Center
  • You may also check in your baby in the upstairs lobby of the Family Life Center at the check-in kiosk just outside the Nursery.


  1. All children check in downstairs in our Family Life Center Lobby.
  2. Accompanied by their parents, all children proceed to our the Gym for Opening Assembly. Check-in opens 15 minutes before service and closes 10 minutes after each service.
  3. Pick-up takes place in classrooms. There must be a security receipt shown for each pickup.


We love to give kids the opportunity to earn "Kingdom Points" to be used to shop at our Kingdom Store held 1-2 times per month. They can earn points for things such as bringing their Bibles, reciting their Bible memory verses, participating in class, etc.  Prizes range from a variety of simple little trinkets to nice Bibles, Bible covers, and other fun Christian-themed gifts. Ask a volunteer when our store will be open next!

Fall 2021 Bible Memory Verses