Hey Kids Team Volunteers!

Thanks for stopping by! First, we wanted to say THANK YOU for stepping up to fill a need on our Kids Team! We are so glad you're joining us!!

Next, we wanted to let you know that we love celebrating YOU! You can help us out by filling out our volunteer survey (from last fall) if you haven't told us your birthday, your favorites, etc.  yet. Thanks for doing this!

Whenever you might have questions, want to meet with us, need anything at all, please let us know. We are here for you!! 

Children's Ministry Triangle Team:

Each ministry in the church has a leadership triangle team including a staff person, coordinator & elder. Please let us know if you have any questions at all at any time!

Crystal Stenner | Director of Children's Ministry

Anna Milbourn | Children's Ministry Coordinator

George Wu | Children's Ministry Elder

Children's Ministry Leadership Team:

Please feel free to lean on these leaders for anything kids ministry related as they are informed on all the happenings & would love to share the vision for our ministry!

Anita Scott

Anna Milbourn

Crystal Stenner

George Wu

Lindsey Surendranath

Nicole LoBianco





Calendar updated each time you give Crystal your availability! Email or text is great!

Preschool-Elem Training Mtg Video 9.6.23


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PRE/K & ELEM: City of Angels | Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25 | Jesus is God's plan

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Kelli Bauwens

The Bauwens family came to NPFCC just over 7 years ago when their kids were in elementary school. Kelli began helping on our Kids Team soon after they started attending. She has helped at VBS, LIFT & Sundays. She was on our check-in team for many years & most recently spent the last few years up in our nursery. 

It's always fun to watch kids grow up in our programs and then come back to serve. Both of Kelli's kids, Brenna & Braden, have served in kids ministry with mom. They also do all kinds of amazing things outside of church as well, including being super in involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Ask them about it...I know they'd love to share! Kelli's husband Scott is quite busy running their business & is always smiling when you see him! If you didn't know, they own avocado farms all over SoCal (& beyond?)...pretty cool! The Bauwens are a wonderful family all around.

We are so blessed to have Kelli & family serving with us! Please join me this month in thanking her for serving on our Kids Team! WE APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!!

2022/23 featured Volunteers of the Month included:

Anna Milbourn, Donna Lucas, Lindsey Surendranath, Nicole LoBianco, Tim Sherreitt, Jacky Dool, Anita Scott, Tim & Jenny Talley, Clarissa Schuyler, Jeff & Camden Aschbrenner, Amanda Knight, Gar Mendiola, George Wu, Rick Arnal, Kristy LaMar, Kellie Ayon, Tina Bumstead, Dan LoBianco, Kat Feinstein, Cindy & Dale Saiger, John & Julie Grubaugh, and Lauren Arnal